We appreciate your interest. There are many ways to contribute to The Roanoke Rambler. For each of these inquiries, you can write to Editor-in-Chief Henri Gendreau at


You can become a supporting member of The Roanoke Rambler at our Support Us page. Our readers are our main source of revenue! Additionally, if you are interested in making a founding tax-deductible gift, please reach out to us directly.


If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer to The Roanoke Rambler, please review our news coverage and our ethics policies before contacting us. We pay no less than $200 per news article and $50 per brief photo assignment.

We are looking for freelancers who have prior journalism experience or contributors who have writing or photography chops and a commitment to strong journalistic principles.


Are you a talented short story writer, poet or creative nonfiction writer? We accept and publish a broad range of original fiction, essays and poetry, with a preference for works written by those who live in the Roanoke area or broader region, to include Virginia, Appalachia and the American South. Writers are encouraged to submit examples of short stories that have not been published elsewhere; poets are encouraged to submit at least four poems that have not previously been published.

Please note we do not review simultaneous submissions. Currently, we are operating on a one- to two-month turnaround time.

We pay no less than $25 per poem and $100 per short story or essay.

We have no strict line count limits, but short fiction and essays should not run more than 2,500 words, unless under extraordinary circumstances.

We require writers to sign a contract that acknowledges that accepted work is original; that The Rambler is granted first rights of publication; that the work cannot be republished before a period of six (6) months after publication in The Rambler; that The Rambler may archive the work on its website; and that The Rambler is granted nonexclusive anthology rights.

Please send submissions as an attached Word document to Henri at with the subject line FICTION or POETRY or NONFICTION with your last name. Failure to comply with these instructions may render your submission unread. If you have not heard back from us in three months, please reach out to us again.


Yes, this is a word. We are interested in hearing from folks in the community who are interested in supporting the mission of The Rambler, have a particular field of expertise – such as journalism, the law, business, finance, fundraising, accounting, or community-building – and who are willing to donate their time. We seek to form an informal advisory panel whose members can be called on for advice on and insights into how The Rambler can best fulfill its mission.