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Who are we?

We are a local and investigative news site and weekly newsletter serving the people of Roanoke and the region. To learn more about our vision, please visit our About us page.

Why are some stories behind a paywall?

It costs us thousands of dollars each month to produce original, local journalism. We have a single employee who makes $31,200 per year.

That's why we rely on support from members, who have full access to all our journalism, for as little as $8.33 per month. From our launch in September 2021 through March 2023, all of our journalism required a subscription. Now, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter for free.

Yet we still want to provide extra value to our supporters. So we will continue to paywall some of our main stories, including our exclusive, investigative and in-depth stories.

How does my membership support The Roanoke Rambler?

Your membership, which renews automatically monthly or annually, provides us with a reliable and predictable source of revenue.

When the Internet emerged, many publications posted their journalism online for free, and many of us have become accustomed to accessing such news for free. Unfortunately, the rise of the Internet also tanked print advertising revenue, which still makes up the bulk of most newspapers' funding. Today, the vast majority of new digital ad revenue goes to Google and Facebook. A digital-only news outlet premised on ad revenue alone is nearly impossible.

So rather than rely solely upon advertisers, our publication must depend on the support of you, our readers. We also accept advertisements, and you can find more information about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities here. Still, on The Rambler, you'll never find any pop-up ads, clickbait, moving pictures or other unfortunate advertising gimmicks.

About 70 percent of our expenses go directly to personnel, whether to pay our founding editor/writer salary or to pay our freelance journalists, according to our latest financial report (below). The remaining 30 percent of our costs go to spreading the word about The Rambler through marketing, paying for public records requests, and paying for the technology that makes this website and newsletter possible.

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You sure can! Every dollar counts and goes straight back into providing local journalism. Currently, folks can donate through this portal.

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No. The Roanoke Rambler is incorporated as a private company in Virginia called Big Blue Press LLC.

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You sure can. You can find more information about our advertising and sponsorship opportunities at this page.

Who is giving you money?

We believe strongly that you should know how your journalism is being funded, and by whom. To that end, we publicly post the names and contribution ranges for memberships or gifts of $200 or more. We are grateful to all of our members for supporting local, independent journalism. For the sake of transparency, and to honor those who have joined The Rambler at the patron level and above, we publish their names. Here is a list of our current supporters, based on payments processed as of 10/3/2023:

Founding donors ($5,000 and above)

  • The Estate of Lorraine Deubel
  • Anne and Raymond Gendreau
  • Henri Gendreau
  • Google News Initiative

Angels ($500 to $4,999)

  • Book No Further
  • Dotsy Clifton
  • Robert Dean
  • Jim Garrett
  • Ken Voss

Patrons ($200 to $499)

  • Genevieve Anderson
  • Phillip Anderson
  • Backstreet Beat LLC
  • Samantha Barton
  • Joel Bashore
  • Ryan Bailey
  • Robert Barrow
  • Robert Beatty
  • Michael Branch
  • Jen Brothers
  • Robert Brown
  • Susan J Cloeter
  • Valerie Coles
  • Crafteria: Handmade Food & Goods
  • Naomi Clements
  • Joseph Ariel Cuadrado-Medina
  • Rupert Cutler
  • Edward Downing
  • M.T. Eley
  • Lauren Ellerman
  • Raphael and Terri Ferris
  • Mary Flinn
  • William Fralin
  • Aaron Garland
  • Michelle Gompf
  • Cathy Greenberg
  • Ann and Bill Hackworth
  • Brenda Hale
  • Susan Hardaway
  • David Hungate
  • Douglas Jackson
  • Benjamin Jones
  • Mary K. Keene — in memory of John Lucas Krippendorf, a.k.a. “Luke Pewk the Living Legend”
  • Mary L. Kegley
  • Robert Kegley
  • Tom Kennedy
  • Alison Krug
  • Kelly Kuykendall
  • Jeffery Lewis
  • Jim Lindsey
  • Christopher Link
  • Peg McGuire
  • Terry McGuire
  • Simon Mitchell-Wolf
  • Bryan A. Musselwhite
  • Phazhon Nash
  • Kurt Navratil
  • Theresa Ruth Neilsen-Steinhardt
  • Clifford A. Nottingham
  • Gwenith Nuss
  • Philip W. Parker
  • John W. Pendleton
  • Linda Pharis
  • Catherine and Matt Prescott
  • Paula Prince
  • Betsy Prock
  • John Richards
  • Pam Rickard
  • Tom Rickard
  • Melissa Robinson
  • Rockfish Food & Wine
  • Claire A. Scholz
  • Wendy Singer
  • Christopher Sloan
  • Benton Spiker
  • James Tango
  • Suzanne Thorniley
  • Natalie Vaughn
  • Ryan Vaughn
  • Charlotte Walch
  • Edward Walker
  • Jean Whitaker
  • Carol and Doug Wright

Where is your money going?

As another mark of financial transparency, we also publish "thirdly" reports, which every four months will explain to the public where our money is going to and coming from.

Current Thirdly Report January 2024 through April 2024:

Unaudited Thirdly ReportJan. 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024
END BALANCE from last report$22,535.58
Subscriptions and donations14,494.57
TOTAL REVENUE this triannual85,694.57
Personnel - founder wage10,800.00
Personnel - freelancer compensation3,300.00
Advertising and marketing8,638.43
Technology and office equipment494.75
Legal and accounting150.00
TOTAL EXPENDITURES this triannual$23,383.18
Profit (loss) this triannual62,311.39

Previous Thirdly Reports: