At Stock, Roanoke's Upscale Nordic Restaurant, The Tables and Chairs Are For Sale, Too

It's Roanoke's first restaurant opened by a retail store and the first eatery with a menu dedicated to Northern European cuisine.

The bar at Stock, which opens this month inside Roanoke's former Fire Station No. 1. Greg Terrill, Txtur’s owner and president, bartender Erik Peterson, and server Caroline Kormann work at the bar. PHOTO BY HENRI GENDREAU FOR THE ROANOKE RAMBLER

If part of a restaurant’s currency is novelty, Stock has it in spades.

It’s the first in Roanoke to be opened by a retail store, local furniture maker Txtur, and the first eatery with a menu dedicated to Nordic and Northern European cuisine.

Stock intends to open this weekend inside downtown's former Fire Station No. 1, but plans for the restaurant have been in the works since early 2022.