Candidate Volosin Again Center of Alleged Campaign Misdeed in Roanoke City Council Race

“We don’t have to do underhanded and dirty stuff to win," candidate Preston Tyler said about the removal of his campaign signs.

Independent candidate for Roanoke City Council Preston Tyler, left, said Democratic candidate Peter Volosin, right, improperly removed campaign signs belonging to him and David Bowers. The candidates appeared at an Oct. 28 forum. PHOTO BY HENRI GENDREAU FOR THE ROANOKE RAMBLER

Peter Volosin, a Democratic candidate for Roanoke City Council, is again facing allegations of political misbehavior in the competitive race.

Volosin was responsible for the removal last month of campaign signs belonging to Preston Tyler and David Bowers from outside a law office in southwest Roanoke, those independent candidates told The Rambler last week.

In many states, it’s illegal to tamper with political signs, though Virginia’s code is less clear. Tyler said he could take out charges for larceny from the city magistrate’s office, but hadn’t done so as of Tuesday.