Roanoke City Council Votes To Raise Its Pay, Which Will Nearly Double By 2027

The action was a change from a last-minute meeting Friday, when City Council voted to institute a full $20,000 pay bump next year.

Roanoke City Council’s action on Monday will boost pay by $10,000 beginning July 2025 and by another $5,000 each year until it meets the new maximum in July 2027. PHOTO BY HENRI GENDREAU FOR THE ROANOKE RAMBLER

Roanoke City Council members on Monday voted to nearly double their salaries by 2027, prolonging an increase that a vote from a special Friday meeting would have enacted next year.

State law has capped salaries for a city of Roanoke’s size at $23,000 for Council members and $25,000 for the mayor. Under a state law that went into effect Monday, Roanoke Council members are eligible for $43,000 and the mayor for $47,000.