Where To Satisfy Your Snack Cravings? These 3 Shops Bring Worldly Flair to Roanoke Valley

Score Mexican ice cream, Japanese chips, Swiss chocolate, and more at these three Roanoke Valley snack shops.

When the New York Times declared “Snack Hype” as one of its 2024 food trends, I wasn’t sure it qualified. Judging by grocery store aisles, one-off brand collaborations, and the advent of small-batch everything, snacking hasn’t gone out of style. 

But there is something to the prediction as a reflection of changing tastes, both nationally and locally. Here in the Roanoke Valley, several new shops are catering to an increasingly diverse range of palates and preferences with international snack-centric concepts. 

As diners become more curious about experiencing different cuisines and foodies seek out new-to-them experiences, snacks make for an approachable entry point. They’re perceived as a small pleasure, without having to commit to the expense, time or stomach real estate required of a restaurant meal. 

Among three newly opened shops in Roanoke and Salem, you’ll find one that specializes in Mexican ice cream confections, another that is like the supermarket international aisle on steroids, and one that focuses on European sweets and pantry snacking staples.