As Roanoke City Council Races Heat Up, Democrats and Republicans Turn to PAC Money

The use of PACs shows how closely candidates are running as party tickets in a race that will determine a majority of the City Council makeup.

A PAC called Roanoke Forward has spent more than $20,000, including on campaign literature such as mailers (above) to boost Republican candidates in the Roanoke City Council race. PHOTO BY HENRI GENDREAU FOR THE ROANOKE RAMBLER

Local Republicans and Democrats are turning to money from special PACs for the first time in recent memory as the campaign season for Roanoke City Council heats up.

A Political Action Committee called “Roanoke Forward,” while not affiliated with the Roanoke City Republican Committee, has spent more than $20,000 to boost Republican candidates this fall, according to its president. And Roanoke Democrats have established a PAC called “For Roanoke,” which is designed to pool the four candidates’ resources so they can more effectively run as a ticket.