Debts, Civil Lawsuit and a Trip to Kroger: The Curious Case of an Ex-Roanoke Councilman's Bond Hearing

Robert Jeffrey Jr.'s financial situation raises questions about how he will be able to return $200,000 to victims of embezzlement.

Former Roanoke City councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr. at his criminal trial in March with his then-defense attorney, Jonathan Kurtin. ROANOKE RAMBLER FILE PHOTO BY NATALEE WATERS

Former Roanoke City councilman Robert Jeffrey Jr.’s temporary leave from jail on bond last week marked an unusual twist in his ongoing legal saga.

Prosecutors argued Jeffrey poses a danger to the community’s “financial security” ever since he was found guilty in March of defrauding the city and embezzling from a local nonprofit.

“All of this is a pattern of behavior,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Sheri Mason said in court during a bond hearing last Wednesday. “He quite honestly just steals money from people.”